According to the Government Spokesperson, the “Röszke attack” in 2015 is also linked to the “Soros network”.

At a press conference in Budapest on Monday, Zoltán Kovács said the Government is paying particular attention to the various pieces of news and sound recordings that are coming to light with almost daily regularity with relation to the operations of the “Soros network”. As an example he cited the statement by the former Chief Financial Officer of Soros Fund Management Tracie Ahern, according to which the “Soros network” has two thousand people working against the Hungarian Prime Minister and against Hungary.

According to the Government Spokesperson, the “excusing” of the actions of Ahmed H, who was convicted of illegally crossing the border and co-perpetrating an act of terrorism during the riots at the Röszke border crossing station in 2015, and the related international smear campaign and misleading of international public opinion, all testify to the fact that the “Röszke attack” was also organised by the “Soros organisation”, for which nothing is too costly. “It is using all possible instruments to ensure that the aforementioned two thousand people can implement George Soros’s plans in the most effective way possible”, he said, including the influencing of foreign governments, illegally collecting data and supplying international organisations with distorted information.

Mr. Kovács said it was obvious that at next Sunday’s elections the “Soros network” would like to help to power a government that serves its interests and goals, most importantly via the demolition of the border security fence that it protecting Hungary and Europe.

“These are the reasons why we need the ‘Stop Soros’ legislative package, which we will be ensuring that the new Parliament adopts at the earliest opportunity in view of the fact that this legislation guarantees that the plans of the ‘Soros organisations’ cannot be successfully realised”, the Government Spokesperson told the press.

Mr. Kovács was asked with relation to the fact that according to information acquired by Hungarian daily Magyar Nemzet, in the United States the Hungarian citizen who could be the key figure in helping funds that are embezzled in Hungary exit the country is being safeguarded by the FBI’s witness protection programme. The Government Spokesperson said: “This is election spin and a pure lie, and our advice to Simicska’s media is that whiskey is not a good counsellor”.

In reply to a question concerning the winter cut in utility prices, he told reporters that in the case of people who heat their homes with electricity, and who account for less than one percent of consumers, it was impossible to devise a system in which eligibility could be been retrospectively verified.

With relation to the protest by the opposition Együtt party held at the Jahn Ferenc South-Pest Hospital, Mr. Kovács said it would be better for party chairman Péter Juhász to face the consequences of his own “downfall”.

The Government Spokesperson refused to comment on the fact that according to a primary court ruling, President of the National Judiciary Office Tünde Handó had abused her powers with relation to appointing court judges. “The Government is not in the business of dealing with court matters, and in fact is not permitted to deal with issues relating to the court organisation”, Mr. Kovács said.

(Cabinet Office of the Prime Minister/MTI)