“Hungarian independence and freedom are among the most important values to all generations in every era”, State Secretary for International Communications and Relations Zoltán Kovács highlighted at his press conference on programme for the 15 March national holiday.

Mr. Kovács announced that in this spirit, the motto of this year’s events will be: “Homeland before all else”.

The official programmes will begin at 9 a.m. with the traditional hoisting of the flag on Kossuth Square before the Parliament Building. From here, the participants will march to the garden of the National Museum, led by a mounted guard of honour, where Prime Minister Viktor Orbán will give a speech. Polish Prime Minister Mateus Morawieczki will give a speech as a guest of the event.

With relation to this, the State Secretary told reporters that Poland and Hungary have fought together for freedom on several occasions.

Various programmes will await the participants from the early afternoon in the garden of the National Museum and throughout the day at the Castle Garden Bazaar, Mr. Kovács stated.

The State Secretary recalled that this Friday we will be celebrating the 171st and 170th anniversaries of the 1849-49 war of independence and revolution. “15 March is one of our most beloved national holidays, because it represents the fact that all eras had representatives for whom the country’s freedom and independence were of paramount importance”, stressed Mr. Kovács,  who said the messages and aspirations of 1848 still provide a standard today.

From 1 p.m., a fair and a diverse array of programmes await visitors in the Museum garden, while programmes in Buda Castle will already begin at 9 a.m. and continue until 6 o’clock in the evening, Mr. Kovács told reporters.

The Parliament Boulding will be open to visitors free of charge all day Saturday, he stated.

The official programme of the 15 March national holiday is available in Hungarian on the http://marcius15.kormany.hu/ website.

(MTI / kormany.hu)