“Instead of admitting migrants, Europe’s leadership should be transporting them back to their own home countries”, the Government Spokesperson said at a press conference in Budapest on Tuesday.

István Hollik pointed out: “On Monday, the interior ministers of Germany, France, Italy and Malta adopted a proposal on mandatory resettlement quotas, which will soon be put before the council of EU interior ministers”.

In reaction, the Government Spokesperson said: “Hungary will be happy to undertake a role in transporting the migrants back home, but is it totally out of the question that we take part in their admittance and mandatory distribution”.

“The Government will continue to abide by the will of the Hungarian people, meaning it will not be supporting any kind of mandatory resettlement quota or mandatory distribution mechanism”, he stated.

“The Cabinet maintains its opinion according to which migration is endangering Europe’s security, and accordingly instead of opening the borders and distributing immigrants, the borders must be protected on both land and sea”, Mr. Hollik continued.

The Spokesperson also said that the Government is viewing the fact that immediately following it formation the new Italian government opened the southern Italian ports, as a result of which migrants are once again arriving at the Italian coast from North Africa via the Mediterranean Sea, with concern, adding that it is obvious that nine out of ten of these people are economic immigrants.

“As a result of Monday’s agreement in Malta, millions more people will be setting out towards Europe”, he added.

DownloadPhoto: Gergely Botár/kormany.hu

Mr. Hollik said the pro-immigration politicians “will not rest”, and the incumbent European Commission is using its final weeks to push the quota agreement through the member states and place the new Brussels body to be formed in November onto a forced trajectory.

“The Hungarian Government will be objecting to this with all its strength, and will be doing everything possible to ensure that the EU does not adopt any kind of directive or regulation concerning a mandatory quota”, he declared.

In response to a question concerning the fact that Commission Vice President Frans Timmermans met with George Soros in New York, the Government Spokesperson said: “Timmermans has already met with Soros on several occasions, the reason for which is that he is ‘Soros’s man’. This was one of the reasons why the Hungarian Government did not support his nomination for the post of European Commission President”.

According to Mr. Hollik, Frans Timmermans is an extremist left-wing, pro-immigration politician, and both he and George Soros want to turn Europe into an immigrant continent. “This was probably the reason for their meeting”, he added.

With relation to the fact that DK party chairman Ferenc Gyurcsány is claiming blasphemy with relation to the fact that hundreds of children held joint prayers in Parliament for the nation, its leaders and Christianity, Mr. Hollik said: “I would like to live in a country in which everybody can pray wherever they want to”. He also said the statements published on various opposition portals with relation to the affair were outrageous, because in his view it should not be a laughing matter, but a cause for pride if hundreds of people in Hungary regard it as important to pray for the country’s future.

(Cabinet Office of the Prime Minister/MTI)