According to the Government Spokesperson, the “Soros organisations” are preparing for another attack: they want to use another “Soros Report” to blackmail Hungary into resettling migrants.

In a statement to public media on Thursday, Zoltán Kovács said: “In recent weeks and days several statements have been made concerning the systematic attempt to break Hungary that the Soros organisations are trying to achieve using various instruments”. “We arrived at the latest stop in this process on Wednesday, when the European Parliament’s report that is in preparation against Hungary, and which will be presented next week, was leaked”, he added.

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“Work is in progress within the European Union, at the end of which a proposal will be drawn up within the framework of the reform of the Dublin system in June, which would absolutely clearly introduce a mandatory distribution mechanism in Europe”, the Government Spokesperson pointed out. According to the new regulations, Hungary would have to accept the resettlement of ten thousand migrants-a-year, in addition to which the resettlements “would never end”, he explained.

“This will never be accepted by the Hungarian Government, as long as it is led by Viktor Orbán”, he declared.

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Chief Security Advisor to the Prime Minister, György Bakondi said: “Despite all reports to the contrary, the domestic security situation has worsened practically everywhere throughout Europe, and the difference between the state of immigrant and non-immigrant countries is clearly visible”.

“Every characteristic of immigrant countries can be seen in Western Europe: acts of terrorism, and an increase in the number of assaults against women and common law offences. But the people living there did not have the opportunity to vote on admitting migrants, however the people of Hungary have already voiced their opinion on the matter during the course of the National Consultation”, he explained.

If “Soros’s candidates” win on Sunday they will implement the quota and turn Hungary into an immigrant country, and then “Hungary will also experience a world that they have so far only ever seen in the news”, Mr. Bakondi said, adding: “If we don’t want to live in a country like that then we must defend Hungary on Sunday”.