According to the Government Spokesperson, the issue of migrant cards raises a host of questions, including who checks the data, what the money is used for, and how criminals and people who are possibly linked to terrorism are filtered out.

Speaking on Hungarian M1 television’s Thursday evening current affairs program, Zoltán Kovács spoke about the fact that although these bank cards are in theory only part of a programme that is running in Greece, they are nevertheless appearing in neighbouring countries along the Western Balkan migration route. “It is inconceivable for a citizen of the European Union not to have to identify themselves when they go into the bank, but an anonymous card does not conform to this condition”, he pointed out.

“We can see a system in operation, and the plan seems to be to bring as many people as possible into Europe”, he said. “It is a confrontation between the intent to organise immigration and the intent to stop immigration”, he stressed.

“Why is there a proposal on the table at all concerning the fact that people far away from Europe could apply for a visa that would enable people who want to come here to submit the documents required to examine their request here in Europe?”, Mr. Kovács asked.

“According to the Government’s standpoint, all problems should be handled where they arose, if possible”, he highlighted. “Only people whose cases have already been decided on should be able to set foot in Europe”, Mr. Kovács added.

The Government Spokesperson said that as far as he is aware the related proposal will be put before the European Parliament again.