According to the Government Spokesperson, the “handing out” of anonymous bank cards to illegal immigrants is an irresponsibility, and accordingly the Government will be submitting official queries to European Union and UN institutions.

Speaking on Hungarian television’s “Good Morning, Hungary!” program on Friday, Zoltán Kovács spoke about the fact that it is important to find out exactly how much money is being placed on these cards and on what basis, and how they ensure that the cards do not find their way into the hands of people smugglers.

“And the most fundamental question is how it is possible that while EU citizens must provide a host of personal details to request a card, cards are being distributed to people, who generally arrive in the EU with no identity, without a name and on the basis of a simple number”, he stressed.

With relation to the request for asylum submitted by former Macedonian Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski, the Government Spokesperson said: “Legal process is due to all asylum-seekers”. “The case of the former Prime Minister is about a classic request for asylum in accordance with the Geneva Convention, and its adjudication, and has nothing to do with the illegal immigrants arriving at the EU’s borders, regardless of the uproar being raised by the opposition”, he added.

“In this particular case, a citizen of a country that is striving to join the European Union believes that his life is in danger and that he is being pursued. The authorities have conformed to all of the expected protocols and international treaties, just as they have done with relation to other requests for asylum submitted in recent years, and we will only be able to provide further information once the procedure has been completed”, Mr. Kovács added.