“In two weeks’ time, the Government will be adopting the Economic Protection Action Plan, the goal of which is to maintain Hungary’s economic growth”, Government Spokesperson István Hollik said on Hungarian M1 television’s Thursday afternoon current affairs program.

“Every Hungarian and all participants of the Hungarian economy can be proud of the 5.3 percent first quarter growth of the economy, in view of the fact that as a result, Hungary achieved the highest rate of growth among the European Union’s member states”, the Government Spokesperson declared.

In his opinion, with this rate of growth Hungary has proven that German industry and the Hungarian economy do not always move on a parallel path.

“German industry and economic growth are clearly slowing, and are tending towards stagnation” he added. “Despite this, the Government believes that there are risks to the long-term sustainability of the current rate of economic growth, and this is precisely why the Economic Protection Action Plan has been developed, to ensure that the rate of growth of the Hungarian economy remains at least two percentage points higher than the EU average”, he said.

Mr. Hollik also reported on the fact that the Cabinet had discussed the Action Plan at its session on Wednesday and the final amendments still need to be added, and accordingly the Plan will be adopted in two weeks’ time. “The draft budget for 2020 was also decided on at this cabinet meeting”, he pointed out.

The Government Spokesperson mentioned the investment promotion effects of the Trump-Orbán meeting, explaining that thanks to the meeting political relations between the two countries are better than they have perhaps even been before, and this could also have an effect on economic relations.