According to the Government Spokesperson, the essential elements and the forces that will be facing off in the battle preceding the European Parliament (EP) elections were outlined during the debate on the Sargentini Report.

Speaking on Kossuth Radio’s Wednesday morning show, Zoltán Kovács said: “It is worth looking at Tuesday’s debate, because it paints a detailed picture of the ‘witch hunt and conceptual procedure’ being targeted against Hungary. “During the debate, everyone spoke out and betrayed themselves”, he said.

According to Mr. Kovács, during the debate and the vote on Wednesday it will transpire who supports the new pro-immigration project, and who would like a Europe that stops illegal immigration and is proud of its national identity.

“Europe is facing a huge challenge. Many, including the Soros-backed NGOs, the business interests linked to them and the left-wing liberal approach, regard illegal migration as unavoidable, and in fact desirable, and would like to create a continent that breaks with its traditions and with the foundations on which European culture came about”, the Government Spokesperson highlighted. “In contrast, the Hungarian Government would like to stick with a Europe of nations that regards national identity as a strength”, he declared.