According to Government Spokesperson Zoltán Kovács, Guy Verhofstadt’s latest “performance” is about the fact that the Belgian politician and his liberal cronies are attacking Hungary on account of its immigration policy.

“They want to transform Europe into an immigrant continent and Hungary into an immigrant country”, the Government Spokesperson wrote on Facebook.

“The Government of Hungary, however, will continue the campaign and the policy that it has initiated, because on numerous occasions (most recently in the general election in April) the Hungarian people have declared their opinion and their will: they do NOT want to live in an immigrant country!”, he declared.

Guy Verhofstadt’s “designs” would turn Hungary and the European Union into a land of immigrants, he continued in a Twitter post. “The Government will be sticking to its position, because the people of Hungary have made it clear on numerous occasions that they do not want to live in an immigrant country”, he continued.

In his Twitter and Facebook messages on Tuesday, the Government Spokesperson was reacting to the fact that European liberals are sending a message to Prime Minister Viktor Orbán on a mobile billboard, and the placard, which is attached to a trailer, will be appearing in popular locations around Brussels within the framework of the drive, which was launched on Tuesday. The billboard includes a photograph of Viktor Orbán and the text: “First he took our money, now he wants to destroy Europe”.

(MTI/Cabinet of the Prime Minister)