“Over 90 thousand immigrants are receiving benefits on so-called migrant cards from the European Union, at a total cost of some 40 billion forints (EUR 126 million)”, the Government Spokesperson said on Hungarian M1 television’s Thursday evening current affairs program, citing the European Commission’s reply.

István Hollik said it was astounding that these anonymous debit cards truly do exist. “The mandatory quota is now being called the permanent resettlement framework, but the essence is the same”, he stressed.

“We are drawing the attention of the Hungarian people to the fact that the EU’s plans are endangering the continent’s security”, the Government Spokesperson declared. “The Hungarian Government’s standpoint on migration has remained unchanged for the past three years”, he underlined.

“Hungary and the European Commission are playing the ‘same old game’: as soon as the Hungarian Cabinet informs the population about the facts concerning the plans of the pro-immigration forces, the Commission immediately attempts to deny them”, Mr. Hollik declared.

The Government Spokesperson also spoke about the fact that in addition to the village family home creation scheme (CSOK), the Government has also developed a major road development programme. “The Cabinet wants village life to be an attractive alternative”, he added.