“The EU is managing migration, not stopping it”, the Cabinet Office of the Prime Minister’s Minister of State for International Communications and Relations Zoltán Kovács said on Kossuth Radio’s “Sunday Papers” show.

“The humanitarian visa and the migrant cards serve to manage migration, for instance”, he added.

“It is unclear where the financing of the migrants’ bank cards is coming from. There are huge sums of money being mobilised, it’s a huge business. George Soros and various card issuing companies are hiding their true activities behind the mask of humanitarian goals”, the Minister of State said.

“Hungary has been saying for years that the primary goal should be to stop the flood of migrants”, he added.

Mr. Kovács also drew attention to the fact that the EU is already raping its own regulations in the interests of decisions being brought that are favourable to it.

“This is a test of democracy”, he pointed out.

In reply to a question on what could be behind the fact that the European Parliament (EP) has called on Hungary to extradite former Macedonian Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski, who was sentenced to prison in his home country, Mr. Kovács responded: “The EP’s pro-immigration majority is doing everything possible in the interests of facilitating immigration, and against those who are obstructing it”.