Government Spokesperson Zoltán Kovács has told Hungarian television channel M1 that, viewing the system as a whole, the aims are clear: tax reductions and wage increases.

Mr. Kovács said that in recent years the Government has taken major steps towards increasing wages: a career model has been launched in the public sector, and the latest wage agreement means that wages in the private sector can also start rising, making the future more predictable there, too.

As regards illegal migration, he said that, although it might not now be as dramatic as it was, the situation continues to be tense – also in Italy and Greece. There is huge background pressure on the European Union and Hungary. In order to move forward, the idea of mandatory relocation quotas must be dropped, he said. External border protection must be ensured, Mr. Kovács added, while internal border controls must be eliminated as soon as possible, as these have already been seen to cause serious harm.