“The aggressive political activists respect nothing and no one”, Government Spokesperson István Hollik said with relation to the recent protests in Budapest.

“All forms of street violence are unacceptable; everyone must abide by the law in view of the fact that Hungary is a state that is governed by the rule of law”, he declared.

“But the ‘aggressive political activists’ respect neither Christmas, nor the law, and do not respect other law-abiding citizens either”, Mr. Hollik stated.

According to the Government Spokesperson: “What Gyurcsány and the socialists are doing with relation to violent acts on the street is both repugnant and irresponsible”.

“It is repugnant, because Gyrucsány and his party already ruined the country once when they were in power, and it is irresponsible because responsible politicians cannot support any form of unlawfulness or street violence”, he said.