“The administration will be compiling its previous proposals in such a way that it assists the work of the current Presidency of the European Union”, Government Spokesperson Zoltán Kovács said on M1 Hungarian television’s Thursday evening current affairs programme in reply to a question concerning the plan that could serve as a possible alternative to the mandatory relocation quota.

With the consistency of the past one and a half years “we can easily catalogue the Hungarian proposals” and this had occurred on several occasions since last September; “we will primarily be concerned with tasks relating to the protection of the external border and related expenses and details”, he said.

In reply to a question concerning whether the Government would be holding talks with the other parties on the constitutional amendment prior to the final vote, Mr. Kovács said: “It is perhaps not my task to interfere in the affairs of Parliament, but in my view there is no time left for negotiation, and there is in fact no need either”; everyone must make their decision next Tuesday on the proposal that serves the interests of the country and all of its citizens.

In reply to a question on whether there is a plan of action in case the initiative does not receive the required two-thirds majority, the Government Spokesperson said: “Plan B is the same as Plan A: we must prevent the introduction of a mandatory relocation quota in Europe”.