According to the Cabinet Office of the Prime Minister’s State Secretary for International Communication and Relations, the economic and social achievements of the eight years since 2010 are an endorsement of the Government and provide a secure foundation for further political battles.

In an interview published in this week’s edition of Hungarian weekly Figyelő (Observer) on Thursday, Zoltán Kovács said that during the past eight years the Hungarian Government has been dealing with issues that are important with relation to the future of the country and of the Hungarian people, and also has a strong and determined vision of the future.

As an example, he mentioned that the 2015 migration crisis raised a host of issues that are also of urgent importance in Western Europe, but which are not solved. Such questions include the future of Europe, how European decision-making should occur, or the words and concepts that can be used with relation to public issues, with which the West does not want to deal.

“However, Hungary was the first with relation to curbing illegal migration, and now many countries are following its example, which provides huge strength”, the State Secretary said.

He noted that accordingly it is not surprising that great and often negative attention is aimed at Hungary. “The Government occupies a confident stance in political struggles, however, towards which a secure foundation is provided by the efforts and achievements of the past eight years”, Mr. Kovács declared.

In reply to a question on why it was necessary to separate the tasks of government spokesperson and international communication, the new State Secretary said that in the upcoming period the make-up of the new European Parliament and Commission will be particularly important, as will the shift in power within Europe, and an even greater “all-out attack” on Hungary can be expected during the course of debates. “This will require more attention and energy, and for this reason the Cabinet has provided a reinforced political mandate for this task through establishing the post of State Secretary”, he added.