“The information available proves, and all prior experience indicates, that the Soros organisations were active in the preparation of the riot at Röszke”, Government Spokesperson Zoltán Kovács said on Hungarian M1 television’s Tuesday morning current affairs program.

According to the Government Spokesperson, George Soros and his organisations coordinated a campaign lasting over a year, including the involvement of the international press, to prove: Ahmed H., who was convicted of illegally crossing the border and co-perpetrating an act of terrorism during the riots at the Röszke border crossing station in 2015, is an innocent man.

The goal of the Soros organisations is to make Europe an immigrant continent and to turn Hungary into an immigrant country, according to Mr. Kovács. “They are using all possible means to defend the rights of people who have arrived here illegally, which is a contradiction in itself”, the Government Spokesperson said, adding: they are using interpretations, information and disinformation that underpins their point of view.