According to the Government Spokesperson, in his latest article, George Soros is once again attacking Hungary because the Hungarian people have decided on the fact that they do not want to turn their own homeland into an immigrant country.

At his press conference on Tuesday, István Hollik said: “In his article entitled “Europe, wake up!”, George Soros announced the cooperation between the pro-immigration forces, meaning “he wants a list of Soros-candidates everywhere in Europe, including in Hungary”.

According to the Government Spokesperson, it is also clear from this that George Soros’s goal remains unchanged: “He would still like to be able to press and force his will upon Europe and the people of Hungary, meaning he wants to resettle immigrants in Europe, and accordingly also in Hungary”. “And this is what the European Parliament elections will be all about for George Soros, while for us it will be about not bowing to this pro-immigration pressure”, Mr. Hollik declared.