“Protecting the acquired rights of Hungarians living in the United Kingdom is a priority for the Hungarian Government”, the State Secretary for International Communications and Relations declared on Hungarian M1 television’s Friday morning current affairs program.

Zoltán Kovács spoke about this with relation to the fact that the main topic of the two-day summit of European Union heads of state and government in Brussels, which began on Thursday, is Brexit.

According to the State Secretary, Hungary has always believed in a “fair Brexit”, meaning it supports an agreement that is good for both the British and the 27 member states that will remain in the EU.

With respect to the fact that one of the other main topics of the meeting is expected to be migration, Mr. Kovács said that the introduction of any kind of migrant quota remains totally unacceptable to Hungary.

“Hungary will only support an agreement that stops migration, for which the strict protection of the EU’s external borders is vital”, he said.

He also spoke about the fact that it has become tradition for the member states of the Visegrád Group (V4) to hold a meeting prior to EU summits. “This was also the case on this occasion”, he stated.