“The irresponsible, pro-immigration politics that has characterised the leadership and institutions of the European Union must be put to a stop in Europe”, the Cabinet Office of the Prime Minister’s State Secretary for International Communications and Relations told reporters prior to a community forum in Hajdúböszörmény on Friday.

Zoltán Kovács stressed: “In recent years, the Government ha consistently taken up the fight against the policy that is dominating Brussels and the Western European countries.

“This is a pro-immigration policy, the consequence of which could be that is totally changes the future of Europe and the fundamental characteristics of European culture”, he said, referring to Brussels’ politics.

“Following the Hungarian model, V4 cooperation and Italy’s example, consistent, determined and clear action must be taken against migration”, Mr. Kovács said.

“This is no longer just the opinion of the populations of the Central European countries, but according to polls the majority of public opinion totally rejects Brussels’ pro-immigration politics in an increasing number of European countries”, he pointed out.

The State Secretary stressed that the 26 May European Parliament (EP) elections will be decisive with regard to the future of the continent. “Europe must elect Members of the European Parliament and leaders who are capable of stopping immigration”, he added.

(Cabinet Office of the Prime Minister/MTI)