Government Spokesperson István Hollik said what happened in the European Parliament on Wednesday was unprecedented; in his view, the entire pro-immigration Hungarian opposition is completely going against the will of the Hungarian people and Hungary’s national interests.

On Wednesday in Budapest Mr Hollik told journalists it is clearly a Hungarian national interest that there should be Hungarian vice-chairs on as many EP committees as possible.

On Wednesday, Ferenc Gyurcsány and his associates, the socialists and Momentum MEPs admittedly colluded in order for MEPs not to vote for representatives of the government parties nominated for senior posts on several committees, he said.

He added that the Hungarian opposition boasts about attempting to foil the committee appointments of Hungarian government-party MEPs.

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Mr Hollik pointed out that by doing so opposition MEPs go equally against the will and representation of the Hungarian people. He recalled that in the May EP elections – against a record turnout – the majority of the Hungarian people decided to entrust government-party candidates with the representation of Hungary in the European Parliament.

The Government Spokesperson stressed that the Fidesz-KDNP alliance received 53 per cent of the votes from the Hungarian people, far out-performing opposition parties.

It is therefore the decision of the Hungarian people that the representatives of Fidesz and KDNP received 13 of the total 21 EP mandates Hungary is entitled to, while opposition parties received only a fraction of that.

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Mr Hollik highlighted that it is thanks to this that government-party MEPs have received nominations in the European People’s Party for EP committee vice-chair positions, five in total. As a result, they would be able to duly represent the Hungarian people, the KDNP politician said.

In his view, what the pro-immigration Hungarian opposition did completely goes against the will of the Hungarian people. The Hungarian government finds this shocking and unprecedented; nothing of the kind has ever happened before either in the history of Hungary, or that of other countries.

In answer to a question, he said representatives of the government parties will take part in the work of the committees concerned as required under their oaths taken as MEPs.

(Cabinet Office of the Prime Minister/MTI)