Government Spokesperson Zoltán Kovács has told Hungarian television channel M1 that people will eventually identify those – including even certain politicians – who must be held accountable for terrorism.

Mr. Kovács said that the current situation is “a nightmare”, in which there are still leading politicians and intellectuals who try to suggest that everything which has been happening can be explained away, and is good for the EU. “This is appalling naivety”, he said.

He underlined that this irresponsible behaviour should be replaced by responsible politics – which the Government of Hungary has been pursuing for the past eighteen months. He added that it is hard to convince governments and people that there can also be ill-intentioned people among the hundreds of thousands – and millions – of people who have been arriving in Europe without being vetted.

Mr. Kovács declared that “It has now become clear that there is a connection between illegal migration, […] ill-intentioned people and a deteriorating security situation”.