People smuggling is a real industry, which generates a huge amount of money, the Government spokesperson highlighted on Hungarian M1 television’s Wednesday evening current affairs program.

Zoltán Kovács said people smugglers are consciously making use of all possible instruments to help migrants enter the European Union.
He cited as examples phone apps, free Wi-Fi and immigration “guide books”.

“In contrast, the Cabinet’s task is to close all possible loopholes to illegal immigration”, he declared.

According to the Government Spokesperson, the quota is a rational reaction on the part of some Western European states that are the target countries of migration.

“Hungary rejects the quota, however, and does not want to become an immigrant country”, he stated.

According to Mr. Kovács, the Visegrád Group (the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia, the V4) constitutes a nucleus within the EU that can be relied on.

But the more allies Hungary acquires, the better, he added.