On Thursday, Government Spokesperson Zoltán Kovács told public television channel M1 that the opposition parties also share the responsibility for ensuring that Hungary is adequately prepared for the possibility of a terrorist attack.

“This is no game”, the Government Spokesperson stressed, adding that “we are on the map for terrorism; we are among the targets for terrorists”.

Mr. Kovács noted that the Brussels attacks were directed against the EU and all European states. All relevant authorities must enhance their activities: we need preventive measures which allow authorities to prepare for potential incidents. Therefore the Government is asking opposition parties to support the anti-terrorism action plan, Mr. Kovács explained.

He stressed that politically-motivated accusations that the migrant crisis and issues related to it are an excuse to whip up hysteria or are merely being used for political purposes must be put aside,  because there is “tangible” evidence that illegal migration and terrorism have gone hand in hand.