On Thursday evening the Government Spokesperson told Hungarian television channel M1 that the Government accepts the decision of the Curia on the referendum regarding Sunday as a day of rest: people should decide what they want.

Mr. Kovács pointed out that the aim of the Government continues to be to free the greatest number of people from the obligation of working on Sundays.

Referring to the issue of education, Mr. Kovács said that there are still various civil disobedience and strike initiatives, but negotiations are progressing successfully.

Mr. Kovács pointed out that everyone is welcome to join the Schools Education Round Table’s talks to share their views on what they are unsatisfied with and what suggestions they have for solutions. The Government looks forward to receiving these suggestions, he said, and reiterated that the common goal is to establish a well-functioning education system. We must find common ground as to how this can be achieved, he added.