Government Spokesperson Zoltán Kovács takes the view that Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi politically blackmailed Hungary and the V4 when, according to news reports, he said the EU would cut EU funds should the four countries refuse to accept the EU proposal on the settlement quotas.

The Government Spokesperson said on the Friday morning programme of the current affairs news channel M1 that the Visegrád countries firmly believe that there is no room for the mandatory quotas; they are not the solution to the problem for Europe. He added that they had previously outlined a genuine EU solution which is not in contrast to this.

Mr Kovács also pointed out that the immigration policy pursued up to this point in time has failed because it is simply not feasible, and everyone would have a vested interest in implementing the initiatives and declarations proposed to date. He mentioned as an example that the EU and Turkey should come to an agreement, and the need for Greece to comply with the Schengen regulations.

Beyond the action taken by the V4, few measures have been adopted recently which would stop illegal migration, Mr Kovács said in summary.