It is as if we were reading the Soros plan in the European liberals’ (of which Momentum is also a member) new pro-immigration proposal, the Minister of State for International Communication and Relations at the Cabinet Office of the Prime Minister posted on his Facebook account.

Zoltán Kovács stressed that Hungary must be preserved as a Hungarian country, while Europe as European.

In a video message posted on Facebook, Mr Kovács said “one would think that almost five years after the migration crisis, Europe’s responsible politicians would have admitted to the failure of their pro-immigration policy”. He added that “regrettably, this is not the situation”. The European liberals have just submitted another proposal to the European Parliament. The “group who see themselves as those who will renew Europe” have tabled proposals which “eerily resemble George Soros’s 2015 plan,” he observed.

According to these, the Minister of State said, they see an opportunity, not a threat in migration, and instead of stopping it they want to manage it. They want to encourage the influx of immigrants and family reunifications, they want to grant them citizenship, and they would oblige European Member States to take part in the distribution of migrants on a mandatory basis. They would give a far bigger role and greater opportunities to NGOs which have been active in assisting immigration also to date. This “is nothing more than an effort to dust off the pro-immigration plans that failed spectacularly in 2015 and to put them back on the agenda,” Mr Kovács stated, adding that in name they are talking about the renewal of Europe, but “we know only too well that these plans would lead to the demise of Europe”.

The government of Hungary – as it has done in the past five years – will continue to consistently represent the rights and interests of the Hungarian people in the European Union, the Minister of State underlined.