“The Hungarian Government regards it as unacceptable for Frans Timmermans to become the new head of the European Commission (EC) in view of the fact that the social democrat top candidate is George Soros’s man”, State Secretary for International Communication and Relations Zoltán Kovács said in a statement to Hungarian news agency MTI in response to a report on Hungarian news portal Origo according to which the Brussels elite is attempting to assure that Frans Timmermans becomes the new President of the EC.

In the statement, Mr. Kovács said: “Under the currently exiting Juncker commission it became obvious that Frans Timmermans in George Soros’s man”. “If he were made President of the Commission, George Soros’s puppet would clearly be placed at the Commission’s head, through whom George Soros could enforce his own interests with relation to both immigration and financial and economic policy”, he said.

“We regard this proposal as absolutely unacceptable, and Hungary’s government will be doing everything possible to prevent the realisation of such a scenario”, Mr. Kovács declared.

On Sunday, Hungarian news portal Origo reported on the fact that it has learned from sources in Brussels that: “the Brussels elite is indeed attempting to realise this unprincipled compromise according to which it wants to make socialist Frans Timmermans the President of the European Commission and People’s Party candidate Manfred Weber the President of the European Parliament, which carries much less weight”. According to the website, “the member states are complaining, while Soros is directly pushing his man into position in an attempt to increase his influence on Europe’s affairs to a higher level than ever before”.

(Cabinet Office of the Prime Minister/MTI)