“The National Consultation is an important instrument for determining and getting to know the opinion of the people on certain issues”, the Government Spokesperson stressed on Hungarian M1 television’s Wednesday evening current affairs program.

According to Zoltán Kovács, the National Consultation represents feedback and confirmation of the fact that the Government is representing the interests of the Hungarian people well and suitably. In addition, the National Consultations conducted so far also prove that if required, legislation is also amended based on these endorsements.

Earlier on Wednesday, the Government Spokesperson announced that the National Consultation data had been fully processed, and that the results indicate that to all intents and purposes the Hungarians unanimously reject the “Soros plan” and mandatory resettlement, and are against all political moves aimed at realising it.

Speaking on Hungarian M1 television, Mr. Kovács pointed out that illegal immigration is not just a Hungarian issue, but is also related to European issues and interests. And by introducing measures in the interests of security and preventing terrorism based on the opinion of the Hungarian people, the Government is also acting in the interests of European security and reducing the threat of terrorism in Europe.