On Thursday, Government Spokesperson Zoltán Kovács told public television channel M1 that the Government would like to reach an agreement with the opposition on the issue of the proposed amendment to the Fundamental Law, but “in security issues there is no room for compromises”.

The Government Spokesperson pointed out that last spring, opposition party MSZP said that the issue of migration is not a real problem; it was “invented” by the Government. Mr. Kovács noted that when the Government had initiated the introduction of stricter regulations, the possibility to deploy the Hungarian Defence Forces or the construction of the fence, the opposition – especially the Left – said that there is no need for such measures.

Responding to the question whether a national consultation or a census will be held regarding the threat of terrorism Mr. Kovács said that this depends on whether we can make progress with the opposition; whether we can convince them that they, too, have to assume responsibility for the sake of “the security of Hungary and of Hungarians’. He added that should they not succeed in this, they will find the most effective method to hear citizens’ opinion.