“Hungary and Italy have proven that they are capable of providing security against migration”, State Secretary for International Communications Zoltán Kovács said on Hungarian M1 current affairs television on Friday morning.

With relation to the talks between Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and Italian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior Matteo Salvini in Budapest on Thursday, the State Secretary said the “yeast” of the discussion was clearly the issue of security, and particularly illegal migration.

He explained that over the past three years Hungary has proven that it is capable of protecting against migration on dry land, while Italy has done the same thing on the seas, preventing thousands, or perhaps tens of thousands, from drowning.

“We are talking about two countries and parties that have demonstrated that Europe’s borders can be protected. They have declared that we must get rid of the pro-immigration, left-wing, liberal European Union leaders and replace them with people who work to maintain Europe’s identity and European integrity”, Mr. Kovács stressed.