The government will not allow George Soros and his money to decide the European parliamentary elections, Government Spokesperson István Hollik said at his press conference on Thursday.

According to the Government Spokesperson, ample evidence has emerged proving how George Soros and the NGOs financed by him have attempted to manipulate the elections. They did the same in 2014, in the campaign of the European parliamentary elections, and there is also evidence which proves that attempts were likewise made to manipulate the 2018 parliamentary elections in Hungary through the NGO called Avaaz, Mr Hollik added.

He stressed that, according to news reports, in the finish of the European parliamentary election campaign, George Soros and his network are preparing to intervene in the elections, and to this end they are mobilising an enormous amount of money and a vast network of activists throughout Europe and also in Budapest.

“Therefore, the Hungarian government sends this message to them as well as to the Hungarian people: It is the will and the votes of the Hungarian people that will decide the elections, not George Soros’s money and organisations,” he stated.

Mr Hollik encouraged everyone to take part in the EP elections and to go to the polls on Sunday because this is the only way to stop pro-immigration leaders. In order to give a clear answer to immigration in Europe, we must elect anti-immigration leaders, he stressed.

“The future of Europe, Hungary, and our own children and grandchildren is at stake. Therefore, we will not allow George Soros and his money to decide the EP elections,” he said.

In answer to a question, the Government Spokesperson said Jean-Claude Juncker’s statement in an interview given to CNN is shocking. In this, the President of the European Commission called nationalists stupid, and took the view that populist leaders are in love with their own countries, and do not like those coming from far away.

According to Mr Hollik, it is “absolutely shocking” that it is now a sin in Europe for someone to love their own country and nation. He added that the statement of the Commission President proves once more that the pro-immigration Brussels elite is not on the European people’s side, but on the side of immigrants, and instead of protecting the safety of the European people, they are organising immigration.

26 May will be an excellent opportunity to remove these pro-immigration politicians from the European Union’s leadership, he said.