According to Government Spokesperson Zoltán Kovács, the full-page advert published by the Hungarian Government in the British tabloid the Daily Mail in support of the United Kingdom’s continued membership of the European Union generated a considerable response because Hungary’s standpoint has “gained importance” recently and the Hungarian Prime Minister’s opinion on the issue “bears weight”.

Speaking on Hungarian M1 television’s Monday evening current affairs program, the Government Spokesperson said: “The advert generated a greater response than would otherwise be expected from the advertising space, because it was a clear statement on what the Government believes is in the interests of Europe”. “Great Britain is the European Union’s second largest economy without which it would be difficult to solve the issues facing the EU”, he added.

“Hungary’s position has, amongst others, gained importance because of the measures it has introduced with regard to migration and solving economic problems”, he said.

Mr. Kovács was also asked about the fact that a UK Independence Party (UKIP) MP attributed the advert to the “extremist” Jobbik party in a Tweet, adding “(do) you really want political union with them?” In response, the Government Spokesperson said: “The MP should apologise for his ignorance, because he should be fully aware of the make-up of the Hungarian Government and what standpoint it represents”.

The Government published a full-page ad in support of Great Britain’s continued membership of the European Union in Monday’s issue of the conservative British tabloid, the Daily Mail.

“The decision is yours, but I would like you to know that Hungary is proud to stand with you as a member of the European Union”, the advertisement reads, with Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s signature below, the coat of arms of Hungary above and the Hungarian flag in the background.