The government is launching an information campaign about the Brussels plans which seek to encourage immigration, the government spokesperson announced.

István Hollik said every Hungarian has the right to know which proposals are such in their nature which jeopardise Hungary’s security in its very foundations. He added that they would like to reach every Hungarian with the campaign – comprised of elements similar to those of campaigns conducted in the past – to be launched in the next few days.

The government spokesperson highlighted that the campaign is necessary because while the Hungarian people have already stated in many different ways that they reject migration, Brussels continues to force through plans which support migration. They continue to push for the immigration quotas, they seek to weaken the border protection rights of Member States, and in addition to the migrant bank cards replenished with funds they even want to introduce migrant visas. The European Parliament has already voted for the latter, Mr Hollik said.

He also said that, based on Brussels concepts, they seek to give more money to organisations supporting immigration, while they would cut the funding of countries that reject migration, thereby penalising them.

The government takes the view that these plans seriously jeopardise Hungary’s security, “with their implementation, Hungary itself would become an immigrant country”, the government spokesperson said.