The government continues to stand by the “Stop Soros” legislative package and the constitutional amendment prohibiting the resettlement of migrants because they serve the protection of Hungary and the Hungarian people, the Government Spokesperson said at a press conference held in Budapest on Thursday.

István Hollik indicated that the departing European Commission had turned to the European Court due to the “Stop Soros” legislative package and the constitutional amendment.

The government is ready for the lawsuit, the spokesperson stated.

He stressed that the Hungarian people made it clear in a referendum as well as in national and European parliamentary elections that they reject immigration and want to protect European Christian culture. At the same time, they expect the government of the day to enforce the will of the electorate, he added.

The “Stop Soros” and the constitutional amendment serve that very purpose, he continued, as they make the organisation and financing of illegal migration punishable, and prohibit the mass resettlement of immigrants on a constitutional level.

In his view, it is therefore no wonder that “pro-immigration forces both here and in Brussels have attacked these measures right from the beginning”.

However, the government firmly believes that the “Stop Soros” legislative package and the constitutional amendment reflect the will of the Hungarian people, and also comply with the provisions of the Geneva Conventions, the Schengen Agreement and the Dublin Convention, Mr Hollik said, observing that the Hungarian Constitutional Court, too, has confirmed the constitutional nature of the “Stop Soros” legislative package.

In answer to a question concerning the opposition’s efforts to combine forces in the upcoming municipal elections, the Government Spokesperson said on the opposition side there are incompetent candidates and chaos both in Budapest and in other cities. By contrast, the candidates of Fidesz-KDNP are old and tested municipal leaders who are capable of leading the capital and Hungary’s other settlements, he said. Therefore, in his view, those who would like to see their settlements continue to grow will support the candidates of Fidesz-KDNP.

Regarding the number of student residence places – in the context of the recent publication of higher education admission limits –, Mr Hollik rendered an account of the developments implemented since 2016, and highlighted that also at present there are 16 student accommodation projects in progress, 10 in Budapest, while 6 in other locations around the country.

The Government Spokesperson said in answer to a question regarding the circumstances in which the patients of the National Institute of Oncology are required to wait that if necessary, the health care cabinet will take action concerning the matter.