The Government has created the framework for the dignified commemoration of the 1848-1849 revolution and freedom fight, and everyone will have to celebrate in a dignified manner within that framework, Government Spokesperson Zoltán Kovács said at his Tuesday press conference held outside the Hungarian National Museum.

The Government Spokesperson highlighted: the last rehearsals in preparation for the celebration are ongoing also at present, and the events provide a dignified framework for commemoration. But celebrating in a dignified manner is also an important condition, and according to reports, there are some who want to disturb the celebrations. Their one and only goal is to disturb a peaceful and dignified commemoration, he said.

DownloadPhoto: Zoltán Balogh/MTI

Mr Kovács stressed: they ask everyone to behave in a dignified manner. He said: on Wednesday, more than 650 events will be held in honour of the national holiday throughout the country, and it is the responsibility of the organisers and political parties to guarantee dignified behaviour.

In answer to a question, Mr Kovács said: in recent years, a protocol has developed, by means of which the police, the competent state agencies and event organisers attempt to ensure that no one should disturb the celebrations, and in order to maintain peace, the need may emerge for separating those who seek to disturb the commemoration from those who seek to celebrate in a dignified manner.

Everyone has the right to freely celebrate, he said. Mr Kovács added: there are other ways to express opinions about the Prime Minister. The national holiday must be viewed as an integral occasion, and party politics, too, must respect the need for a dignified celebration.