The government regards the acts of violence of the past few days as unacceptable, the government spokesperson said at a press conference held on Wednesday at Kossuth tér, in Budapest.

Anti-government activists soiled the statue of Kossuth near the Parliament Building, said István Hollik who described this act of vandalism as incomprehensible.

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“What problem do anti-government demonstrators have with Lajos Kossuth?”, the government spokesperson asked, adding that there were acts of violence outside the Hungarian public service television MTVA headquarters as well.

“Members of the Soros network deployed their well-known methods in order to intimidate everyone who disagrees with them”, Mr Hollik said.

At the demonstrations one could see “violent provocateurs” and “aggressive demonstrators” who “do not shrink from anything”, he said.

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“They did not shrink from gathering stones in their backpacks in order to throw them at the Parliament Building, they did not shrink from assaulting police officers with pepper spray, they did not shrink from using smoke bombs, or from smashing in a window of the MTVA television headquarters building by firing a bullet”, he said.

The government believes that all forms of violence and street aggression are unacceptable and intolerable, he said.

According to public opinion polls, more than 80 per cent of Hungarian people clearly reject street violence and illegality, he pointed out.

The government spokesperson thanked the serving police officers for “their unprecedentedly calm action which was lawful in every single instance”, and highlighted it is clearly unacceptable that opposition demonstrators try to smear the reputation of the police by spreading fake news, with the active assistance of opposition media.

Mr Hollik described the actions and conduct of opposition Members of Parliament in the past few days as repulsive and irresponsible.

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Those people are demonstrating now and are carrying out unlawful acts against police officers who back in 2006 gave the police politically motivated instructions to attack and beat up peaceful demonstrators, the government spokesperson said.

A responsible politician can never support street aggression and illegality, he added.