According to the Government Spokesperson, The Jerusalem Post has provided evidence that George Soros organises and finances attacks against Hungary.

He said this in response to an article published in the English-language Israeli newspaper on Friday. The article asserts that an organisation funded by George Soros sought to change the Hungarian law restricting the funding of non-governmental organisations from abroad via the German government. According to a sound recording, Balázs Dénes, Managing Director of the Civil Liberties Union for Europe spoke about how his group attempted to influence the German government against the Hungarian cabinet in the interest of George Soros’s activities in Hungary, the newspaper reported.

The Government Spokesperson believes that the true modus operandi of George Soros’s organisation has finally been revealed. He said in summary that the “Soros organisations” engage in political campaigns without political legitimacy, by resorting to means that are clearly prohibited. Now, however, “the Berlin lieutenant has been caught red-handed”.

Zoltán Kovács also said the government will contact The Jerusalem Post, asking them to make available the sound recordings in question.

The spokesperson highlighted that the Civil Liberties Union for Europe was established in January 2017 as an organisation that demerged from George Soros’s Open Society Foundations for the purpose of exerting pressure on the European Union and governments.

In the case of Hungary the organisation started engaging in “major mine laying work” with the German government and economic opinion-makers in connection with measures adopted to ensure that non-governmental organisations receiving grants from abroad declare such funds, he said, indicating that they sought to change the Hungarian government’s position through Mercedes, Audi and Bosch, among others, by exerting economic pressure and endangering Hungarian jobs.