The European Commission is an executive organisation, not a political body, Government Spokesperson István Hollik stressed on the Wednesday evening programme of the public service television news channel M1.

The Government Spokesperson believes it is important that the Commission return to the interpretation and definition of its purpose and function as laid down in the Treaties. According to that definition, the duty of the Commission is to execute decisions. He said they believe that in this role perception the Commission’s new President, Ursula von de Leyen will be much more sober.

He also said that Prime Minister Viktor Orbán will meet with the Commission’s newly elected future President on Thursday. According to the Government Spokesperson, the Hungarian Prime Minister will evidently lay down the cornerstones on which Hungary is unable to compromise. These are the stopping of migration, the protection of European Christian culture, and that we think in terms of a Europe which is a Europe of nations. The building of the EU is not the ultimate goal; it is only a means in the Member States’ hands, he added.

Mr Hollik said they expect “fair treatment” from the new Commission President so that they set the same expectations vis-à-vis every Member State.

(Cabinet Office of the Prime Minister/MTI)