The government expects an answer from the European Commission as to whether it had information about the fact that a Syrian terrorist leader had also been given a migrant bank card.

At a press conference Government Spokesperson István Hollik said it is known that Syrian terrorist chief F. Hassan had also received a Brussels migrant bank card; the terrorist’s lawyer confirmed this a few days ago.

Despite this, the European Commission claims to this day, the Government Spokesperson continued, that these anonymous migrant bank cards pose no danger at all. On Wednesday Spokesperson for the European Commission Natasha Bertaud still maintained, he quoted, that there are no anonymous migrant bank cards as they know the identities of the card holders and check them monthly.

Mr Hollik indicated that if this is the case, if the Brussels commission is indeed aware whom they provide such migrant bank cards for, this raises a very important question. Therefore, the government expects a straight answer from the European Commission: did Brussels know that a Syrian terrorist leader had also been given a migrant bank card? Were they aware that they were “funding an executioner of the Islamic State,” the Government Spokesperson asked.

He stressed that the people, too, would finally like to see this question clarified because many were shocked that – as signs appear to indicate – Brussels is also funding terrorists targeting Europe.

(Cabinet Office of the Prime Minister/MTI)