With the Röszke riots two and a half years ago a coordinated attempt was launched to break Hungary in order to turn it into an immigrant country, the government spokesperson said on the programme Sunday Paper (Vasárnapi Újság) of Kossuth Radio.

Zoltán Kovács stressed sound recordings prove that forces arranged into an international network seek to dissuade Hungary from its anti-immigration policy, while organisations associated with George Soros even interfere in the election campaign through non-governmental organisations and media outlets with an impact on political preferences. There was one organisation which wanted to use foreign governments in the interest of the attainment of its economic and political goals, while others gathered data regarding migrants illegally, he added.

He highlighted the government must close any legal loopholes which permit the operation of organisations such as these, in particular in light of the fact that in countries including Canada the relevant regulations have been tightened after reports emerged that certain non-governmental organisations sought to influence electors.

According to Mr Kovács, in Ukraine it is now reality that certain circles use all means of manipulation necessary for the realisation of the Soros network’s goals, while in an interview one of their local leaders openly spoke about the political role they play. In the chaos that followed after the right-wing government was brought down, disguised as consulting bodies they embedded themselves into decision-making and public administration, he added.

These pseudo-NGOs were not elected by anybody. They, however – disguised as humanitarian or civil rights organisations –, continually present themselves as the true custodians of democracy, seek to override the decisions of political representatives who have authorisation from the people and avoid the democratic rules of the game in the interest of a small group, he said. Mr Kovács believes there is also evidence which proves that they influence the contents of EU and other international reports on Hungary.

The government spokesperson described the election next Sunday as a decisive battle in the struggle against Soros’s organisations as, he said, the people may decide whether Hungary will indeed remain a country of the Hungarian people or that of immigrants.

In addition to the results achieved by the government, people’s attention must also be drawn to this in the interest of continued security and rest in the country and the maintenance of family benefits and economic achievements, Mr Kovács added.

(Cabinet Office of the Prime Minister/MTI)