According to the Minister of State for Government Communication, more and more people are sending in their National Consultation questionnaires. “This is also important because the Government is preparing for a ‘decisive battle’ on the issue of migration”, he added.

Speaking on M1 Hungarian television’s Friday evening current affairs program, Bence Tuzson said that questionnaires were arriving continuously by post and more and more people are also filling out the questionnaires online. Around 200 thousand have been returned so far.

The Minister of State said the European Union may well attempt to push through the mandatory quotas this summer and will also be launching proceedings with regard to Hungary’s legal border barrier in an attempt to force Hungary to do away with its physical border barrier. The Government will have to “make an extremely firm stand to protect Hungary’s interests” to defend these and also with regard to the issue of quotas, he declared.

Mr. Tuzson also mentioned that there are foreign-funded groups and organisations, and generally organisations funded by George Soros, which do not want to make public who is financing their operations in Hungary. “Nobody wants to restrict the operations of these organisation, Hungary is a democracy. It is however important for political life to be transparent, and accordingly every Hungarian citizen must see with whose money these organisations are operating”, he highlighted.

The Minster of State was also asked with regard to the fact that there were protests both against and in support of Hungary during Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s recent visit to Georgia. One protest was in support of the CEU, while another voiced its support for Mr. Orbán and the policies of the Hungarian Government. “The organisations funded by George Soros represent a large network, which also extends to Georgia. The country also has organisations that are ‘financed by George Soros or that circle’, but it transpires that there are also many people in Georgia who have had enough of this”, Mr. Tuzson said.

(Cabinet Office of the Prime Minister/MTI)