“The Government’s goals remain unchanged in 2019: The goal is a country that is growing and gaining strength, and which is capable of maintaining its security”, the Cabinet Office of the Prime Minister’s Parliamentary State Secretary, Csaba Dömötör said.

“A country is which work is appreciated, families raising children receive support, and in which every social group can take a step forward. In other words, a country of which everyone can be proud”, Mr. Dömötör said.

“Hungary begins the new year with a growing economy, and the economic growth of around five percent enables positive measures in important sectors”, he highlighted.

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“The continuing expansion of the family support system means the tax allowance for families with two children is increasing to forty thousand forints-a-month, and thanks to the Home Creation Programme, which was expanded in December, more people will be able to make use of state-funded, preferential home creation loans”, he said.

“Next year’s increase in the minimum wage to 149 thousand forints and of the minimum wage for skilled workers to 195 thousand forints is based on the agreement concluded between employers and employees, and the eight percent increase will be followed by a similar increase in 2020”, Mr. Dömötör highlighted.

“In addition, via the further decrease of employer contributions, the Government is helping enterprises to continue to increase wages. The taxes on small enterprises will also be decreasing, more enterprises will be exempted from charging VAT, and more people will be able to choose the small business form of entrepreneurship”, he added.

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Mr. Dömötör said one of the most important changes within the social field will be that those who are caring for their seriously disabled or permanently ill children at home will be able to receive one hundred thousand forints-a-month, in addition to which the home nursing allowance will be increasing by 15 percent from January, and by a total of 30 percent by 2022.

The wage increase for law enforcement employees will also be continuing, and the 5 percent increase in January means a total increase of 50 percent for the 2016-2019 period.

“In addition, pensions will also be increasing by 2.7 percent, pay increases for nurses will also continue during the curse of the year, and all online bank transfers under 20 thousand forints will be exempt from transaction fees”, he said.

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In reply to a question, Mr. Dömötör said that in 2010 the minimum wage was 73 thousand forints, and will now be increasing to 149 thousand forints in accordance with the agreement concluded between employers and employees. According to the State Secretary, the decision to enter into negotiations has been a success, and the Government wishes to facilitate wage increases through tax cuts.

With relation to the amendment of the Labour Code, the State Secretary highlighted: The goal of the legislation is to enable those who want to work more on a voluntary basis in the interests of earning more to do so. Overtime must be paid on a monthly basis, extra work is voluntary, and is also enabled by EU regulations.