Based on the Hungarian Government’s proposal, today Parliament has adopted an action plan seeking to serve the defence of Hungary.

The “Stop Soros” legislative package and the amendment to the Fundamental Law assert the will of the Hungarian people, providing the country with further powerful protection against illegal migration. This strengthened protection is needed because the mass immigration afflicting Europe is continuous, while the Soros network and the pro-immigration policy of Brussels are creating the threat of attempts to also swamp our country with migrants.

For the Government Hungary comes first, and therefore with this amendment to the Constitution we shall strengthen Hungary’s sovereignty and shall prohibit the resettlement of alien population groups in this country. The Fundamental Law shall rule that, unless consented to by Parliament, immigrants may not be resettled in Hungary, and those who arrive in Hungary via a safe country and are not threatened with persecution may not be granted asylum. The Stop Soros legislative package, which includes amendments to the Penal Code, will also make the organisation of illegal immigration a punishable offence. Anyone who organises illegal migration and incites others to circumvent Hungary’s laws shall be liable to prosecution.

(Cabinet Office of the Prime Minister)