Brussels is preaching about extradition, but together with Soros’s people immediately take action against legitimate extradition.

It is shocking that while certain Brussels and other politicians are preaching about the importance of extradition in a two-faced manner, they immediately attempt to prevent the lawful extradition of illegal immigrants so as to also keep as many immigrants as possible in Europe this way. The Hungarian authorities have acted according to the relevant European Union and Hungarian laws when extraditing illegal immigrants, which a Soros organisation is once again attempting to prevent via Brussels.

On 8 May 2019, Hungary organised the lawful extradition of 17 Afghan illegal immigrants to Afghanistan within the framework of Frontex’s air removal operations. 16 were extradited because the court ruled against the authority acting on their behalf with relation to their application for asylum, and the ruling automatically included an order for their extradition, while one individual was expelled from Hungary having been found guilty of people smuggling.

11 of the extradited illegal immigrants signed a statement that they are prepared to leave Hungary voluntarily in the direction of Serbia, which duly occurred without any involvement on the part of the authorities. In the interests of preventing the implementation of the legally binding extradition order, a foreign-funded organisation, the Hungarian Helsinki Committee, turned to the European Court of Human Rights. The Court ordered the temporary postponement of extradition in the case of a family of five; Hungary has complied with the Court’s ruling.

(Government Information Centre)