Response to a statement of the Helsinki Committee.

The Helsinki Committee funded by George Soros fabricates fakes news and lies on the one hand, and keeps hoping in vain on the other. The Hungarian government will not let illegal immigrants in, will continue to protect the border, and will continue to allow asylum-seekers to submit applications solely under controlled circumstances.

The Helsinki Committee fabricates fake news and lies when in the context of the transit zone they mention “illegal detention” as also to date no one was detained illegally in the transit zones. The purpose of the transit zones was to give immigrants a legal opportunity to submit asylum requests; all asylum-seekers entered the transit zones on a voluntary basis, out of their own free will, and waited for the accelerated assessment of their asylum applications.

On the other hand, organisations and parties funded by Mr Soros keep hoping in vain. The decision of the Court of Justice of the European Union does not change the fact that the Hungarian government will continue to protect the borders from illegal migration, will not remove the border fence, and will only allow asylum-seekers to submit asylum requests in designated places, at Hungarian foreign representations outside Hungary’s borders. This means that we will check even further from the border of the country who is eligible for asylum and who is not. The closing down of the transit zones likewise does not mean that the migrants who used these facilities will be released; they have been transported to reception centres, and if they are not eligible for asylum, they will have to leave the country.

(Cabinet Office of the Prime Minister / MTI)