Ever more migrants are arriving in the territory of Hungary via different methods: Via tunnels dug under the fence, climbing over the fence using ladders, via water, and in sealed trucks, the Chief Security Advisor to the Prime Minister said on the public service television news channel M1 on Wednesday evening.

György Bakondi said at Hungary’s Southern border they have recently found a tunnel which is suitable for migrants to enter the country. People smugglers also use this method at other borders protected with a fence, including between the United States and Mexico, and at the borders of Israel.

The Hungarian authorities guard the state border with night vision and thermal imaging systems, drones and helicopters, the expert stated.

He highlighted that the situation of migrants arriving from Turkey is now untenable on the Greek islands, and therefore their transportation to the continent has begun. The problem is that these migrants mostly do not apply for asylum, but set out for Western European countries offering better living conditions, Mr Bakondi warned.

Regarding the young Somalian man who is accused of having recently raped a woman in Budapest, the chief advisor said he is staying in Hungary in subsidiary protection status.