In the interests of Hungary’s security and border protection, the Government is extending the state of crisis caused by mass migration that was previously ordered with relation to the whole territory of the country; the related Government Decree will soon be published in the Hungarian Gazette.

The measure provides state and law enforcement authorities with special powers in accordance with the law, guaranteeing that we shall continue to be able to take action against illegal immigration as effectively as possible both along the country’s borders and within the country’s territory.

Border protection is necessary, attempts to illegally cross the border are occurring continuously. The police also regularly identify illegal migrants within the country’s territory, who are then transported back to the border fence. There are currently thousands of migrants accumulated along the Balkan migration route, many of whom continue to attempt to enter the EU via Hungary’s border, and without suitable border protection Hungary would again have to face pressure similar to the mass migration that occurred in 2015.

(Government Information Centre)