“In Brussels, they want to ban the Hungarian Government’s campaign” the Cabinet Office of the Prime Minister’s Parliamentary State Secretary Csaba Dömötör said in a video posted to the Government’s Facebook page.

The State Secretary said that on behalf of the Government a van with a billboard had been travelling the streets of Brussels to draw attention to the consequences of the EU’s immigration policy, including the fact that according to leader of the European Parliament’s Alliance of Liberals and Democrats (ALDE) group, Guy Verhofstadt, there is no immigration crisis, while in fact hundreds of people have died in terrorist attacks throughout Europe.

Mr. Dömötör said that police had stopped the van on Wednesday and “forced” the driver to remove the billboard, and videoing of the events was not permitted.

“So, there is censorship in Brussles, they want to ban the Government’s campaign”, the State secretary underlined, adding that this is totally unacceptable in view of the fact that the billboard van is a legal and important instrument for voicing opinion.

He said it was unacceptable that Guy Verhofstadt had been allowed to voice his opinion, but “they want to prevent us, the Hungarians, from doing so”. “We insist on the opinion of the Hungarians also appearing in the debate”, he declared.

In early November, European liberals launched a similar billboard van campaign in Brussels. The billboard showed a picture of Viktor Orbán with the text: “First he took our money, now he wants to destroy Europe”. The text on the other side of the van was in Hungarian, with the message: “First he wanted our money. Now the unity of Europe is at stake!”