“Immigration remains the most important issue for Europe, but handling it must be entrusted to nation states in view of the fact that Brussels is not prepared to curb the process”, Minister heading the Cabinet Office of the Prime Minister Antal Rogán said on Kossuth Radio’s “Sunday Papers” show.

Citing the international surveys prepared by the Századvég Foundation, Mr. Rogán declared that not only are the Hungarians dissatisfied with EU action against illegal immigration, but so are the majority of people living on the continent.

“Under the Juncker-Timmermans European Commission, one of the most important member states has left the community, and over 2 million immigrants have flooded into Europe”, he added. “Their unsuccessful integration has led to an increased threat of terrorism, in addition to which huge numbers of people are still at the borders waiting to get in”, Mr. Rogán stressed.

“The danger, therefore, has not passed, and in fact will become permanent if the will of the pro-immigration left continues to be enforced within the European Union’s leadership following the European Parliament (EP) elections in May. The social democratic, liberal and green parties think immigration is a fundamental human right, and their leaders would like to allow masses of unidentified people into Europe while giving them migrant cards and migrant visas”, he said.

According to Mr. Rogán, nobody should be allowed to cross the borders without official documents, and instead of the Soros organisations, the border security expenditure of the affected member states should be receiving funding from the central EU budget. “Hungary has spent 300 billion forints (EUR 800 million) on such expenditure since 2015, but it has received no funding from Brussels, only promises”, he added.

The Minister also called for the more forthright representation of Christian values, emphasising that these have been the basis of European culture for one and a half millennia.

“Christianity in Europe is being increasingly pushed to the background and the left is even calling into question its existence, while Muslim countries use their religious symbols in a compulsory fashion”, the Minister said.

He stressed, however, that EU decision-making can also be influenced by Hungarian votes, if Viktor Orbán’s programme receives majority support at the EP elections in May and Fidesz candidates are elected to the European Parliament with a strong mandate.