The official government resolution about the suspension of the payment of prison damages has been released.

The goal of the Hungarian government is to put an end to the prison business which has become a lucrative industry now worth billions of forints. To date, criminals serving their sentences, with the assistance of their lawyers, have instituted some 12,000 lawsuits against the Hungarian State and has been awarded damages worth HUF 10 billion with reference to poor prison conditions. The government takes the view that this is an abuse of the legal acts of the European Union and of the laws of Hungary.

The prison business causes the State to sustain major losses, erodes trust in the administration of justice, and is an affront to the people’s sense of justice. Society does not send criminals to prison in order for them to receive rewards and to become millionaires. Therefore, the government has decided to suspend the payment of prison damages with immediate effect, while the Ministry of Justice will simultaneously review the relevant regulations.

It is important to note that in Hungary since 2010 the number of prison places has increased continuously, new prison facilities have been built and prison developments have been ongoing.